The Kit

Purchase Considerations

Before I placed the order I did a (very) long research. I spent hours in finding possible kit car manufacturers. Most of them were either to expensive, not very trustworthy or even ceased to exist after a short time! 

Thanks to the Cobra-Forum I found a company named Factory Five Racing. This Company was young, had an innovative Product and made a good impression. The company sold a kit based on a single donor philosophy. Other possibilities on my wish list were ERA or Superfomance. ERA's drawback was the very high price, although the price is certainly justified by the high quality of the product. Superperfomance is not sold as a kit.

One problem was common with all the kits available. The inspection at the Swiss DMV. After some research I found two possibilities: The single car inspection, a time consuming and financial wise risky process with a not guaranteed success and second a re-export of the finished car to the US, registration as a 1965 vehicle and the a new import as a vintage vehicle (no noise and pollution requirements). Not less time consuming an probably as expensive, but, a higher chance of success.

Through a coincidence I heard of a Swiss company. They had imported a number of kits from Factory Five Racing Inc. in Wareham, MA USA. They even had a manufacturers license on the finished FFR cars. They went through the same process as for example Toyota or Ford when they bring their cars into the country. This included all the test about stability, noise, security, ... to permit their cars to run with our DMV's ok. This is the most expensive way for a company, but lifts them into the same position as the original manufacturer. They sell their cars as their own. With this easier but quite expensive (kit price 20'000$ instead of 11'500$ + shipping) solution, my administrative problems were gone.

After a few phone calls and a visit, I was ready to order. The build could begin. Nothing could get into my way, well almost ...

The Kit